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When you are filling in the application form to register a trademark for Sint Maarten, you are requested to provide a list of goods and/or services.
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The Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Stuart Johnson, follows up with the Bureau for Intellectual Property (the Bureau or BIP SXM) on August 15th, as a follow-up to an earlier introductory meeting held on July 30th with the Supervisory Board and Director of BIP SXM.
The Minister of TEATT along with his advisers held a meeting at the Bureau with the Director.

The Bureau for Intellectual Property (the Bureau), attended a two-day workshop, held in Curaçao on August 17th and 18th, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao with support from the COSME programme.

The Chamber of Commerce Sint Maarten (Chamber) has started an initiative for newly registered businesses called the ‘business orientation’. With this project Chamber aims to assist entrepreneurs with basic know how’s for doing business on Sint Maarten. 

The Bureau for Intellectual Property including its Supervisory Board had an introductory meeting with Minister Johnson on Monday July 30th, 2018.

Every year the 26th of April we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. This year’s theme is Women in innovation and creativity.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) set up this day to raise more awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights (such as patents, copyright and trademarks).

On WIPO’s website you can find all information:

The knowledge I gained from the INTA Brands and Fashion conference in March 2017

Diffusion brands “In fashion, the term “diffusion brand” means a secondary line by a well-known designer…They are intended to reach a younger, aspirational demographic with lower price points and edgier items – all while generating extra revenue.”1


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