BIP SXM @Islandpreneur live

BIP SXM participated in Islandpreneur Live June 2023.

This years Islandpreneur Live focused on equipping entrepreneurs and innovators on the island how to access the global market and how to do this with digital technology.

When conducting cross-border business, it is critical to be aware of your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) and those of others. With the advancement of technology such as online platforms (e-commerce and others) as well as social media, it is now effortless to cross borders and unintentionally infringe on a brand's identity.

During the workshop, the Director of BIP SXM, Mrs. Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford, presented on the importance of protecting your intellectual property rights not only locally but also internationally, as well as the various ways this is possible.

BIP SXM would like to thank Islandpreneur for organizing and hosting yet another successful event, focused on developing and broadening Sint Maarten's entrepreneurial skills.


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