IP Rights

Intellectual property can take many forms. Although it's an intangible asset, intellectual property can be far more valuable than a company's physical assets. Intellectual property can represent a competitive advantage and as a result, is guarded and protected by the companies that own the property.

Besides Patents, Trademarks and Copyright there is:


What are the various Intellectual Property Rights?

There are different types of intellectual property rights, and other rights that are very similar, that can be harnessed to protect your tangible work. Some rights arise automatically. For other rights, you must first register to secure them. Different conditions apply to be eligible for different rights.


What is protected?

Which rights are conferred?


(arises automatically)
Original works

Right to publish
Right to reproduce
Personality rights

Book, software, painting, creative content website (articles,
animations, photographs)
Domain Name
(arises automatically)
IP address (a unique number), which is an actual physical point on the Internet.

Right of use of the domain name

Website (www.bip.sx)
Trade name right 
(established by being first to use)
Name under which a
company trades
Right of use in a specific area Company name

Trademark right
(established by registration)

Distinctive sign Monopoly on use
Right to prohibit use by others
Plant Breeders' right
(established by registration)
Crops and plant varieties Right to cultivate and trade cultivated materials

Habanero pepper

Semi-conductor protection right
(arises automatically)
Topographies of semiconductor
Right to reproduce
Right to exploit
(memory) chips or microprocessors
Patent right
(established by registration)
A technical product or
Right to exploit

lightbulb, medicine

Geographical Indications (GI's)
(established by registration)
Goods or products from a specific region or location of a country Protection against unauthorized use and
practices that may mislead consumers.
Champagne, Swiss Cheese

Trade Secret
(arises automatically)

confidential information which may be sold or licensed. Protection against third parties
who misuse or exploit your trade

Coca-Cola recipe

Industrial design rights
(established by registration)
Design or aesthetic aspect of a product Monopoly on use
Right to prohibit use by others
Furniture, Packaging

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