Selling online via a partner platform?

Once you have decided to sell your products through a partner platform such as eBay or Amazon, you might be eager to get things set up quickly. It might come as a surprise that you might need to register a trademark to be able to do so. After all, you would want to start selling without delay.

When it comes to selling certain products, one of the things that partner platforms require is that the brand name under which the products are sold is officially registered as a trademark. This is due to the importance these platforms attach to ensuring that the products sold through them are reliable.

Here are a few key tips for you if you are considering selling products through a partner platform and registering your trademark.

How do I register my trademark successfully?

There is a lot to consider when applying to register a trademark. BIP SXM only issues a trademark registration after a legal process has been completed. The process starts with an application to register the trademark. Fees are charged for an application, a one-off payment for a period of 10 years (starting at Naf 750 / $417).

A trademark application must meet a number of legal requirements. If your application does not meet the requirements, the application may be refused and, unfortunately as a result, your trademark cannot be registered in the Trademarks Register.