General Assistant

1.  Function Information

Job title:                             General Assistant
Level of education:         Senior secondary vocational education (MBO)
Hours per week:              20 – 24 hrs.
Salary scale:                      Scale 5 of the ‘Government Salary Scales’ (salary will be based on hours and relevant experience)

  • based on a 40 hr. workweek (fulltime):   Naf 2,478  up to Naf 4,177

  • based on a 24 hr. workweek (parttime): Naf 1,487  up to Naf 2,506         

  • based on a 20 hr. workweek (parttime): Naf 1,239  up to Naf 2,088       


2.  Organization

Assignments are executed within the Bureau. The main objective of the Bureau is to facilitate the registration of trademarks, both nationally and internationally. The Bureau is an Independent Governing Body, and must obtain, manage, and account for its own financial resources. The work of the Bureau is carried out at a high standard and in a highly legal environment. Information at the Bureau is privacy sensitive, and all staff members must adhere to the confidentiality thereof. Acting with integrity and ethics is standard practice. In addition to the tasks listed in the job description, additional tasks may be assigned.

3. Tasks


  • Collects general/factual information for the Director and staff;
  • Conducts administration of specific data files and provides necessary information involved to the Director and staff;
  • Records data in (automated) systems, keeps them up to date, monitors the information progress and draft overviews upon request of the Director;
  • Performs checks, reviews and ensures the payment of invoices;
  • Provides standard information about the assigned tasks to the Director;
  • Maintains document database and work files;
  • Archives documents or data and maintain the archive of the Bureau;
  • Provides administrative contributions to (market) research;
  • Register findings of research and organize or categorize them as directed by the Director;
  • Handles requests for various facility goods and services (e.g., meeting rooms and materials and subscriptions);
  • Manages office supply inventory and provides items upon request;
  • Distributes internal mail and front desk mail and monitors progress of responses;
  • Maintains office calendar and schedules appointments, considering priorities, schedule, availability, frequency and urgency;
  • Drafts minutes for internal meetings, works out minutes within a few working days and follow-up on agreements made;
  • Drafts correspondence upon request of the Director;
  • Receives visitors;
  • Assists with project activities, document collection, organization and prepares specific work and project files in consultation with the assigned co-worker / team member;
  • Manages incoming telephone calls, provides general and procedural information, operates the scanner and monitors the functioning of the copy machine;
  • Actively participates in a paper-free office by scanning documents and placing them in digital files;
  • Maintains contacts with various relevant stakeholders as mentioned in the reading guide of the function book;

Communication and Intellectual Property Awareness (CIPA)

  • Assist in target grouped or themed information campaigns or projects to increase social awareness of Intellectual Property rights;
  • Compiles information folders (workshops and seminars etc.);
  • Assist with IP related research for the Bureau’s social media posts.

4. Accountability

  • Accountable to the Director and staff of the Bureau.

5. Knowledge and skills

  • Knowledge of secretarial and (financial) administrative duties;
  • Knowledge of operating the telephone system, office appliances (such as a scanner and a printer) and of applicable procedures and rules;
  • Knowledge of internal (financial) administrative and procedural regulations;
  • Knowledge and/or skills to communicate with callers and visitors in a customer-oriented manner, as well as determining which person or authority should or should not be connected/referred to at a later time;
  • Knowledge in taking meeting minutes and use of word software;
  • Skills in editing incomplete drafts;
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English; Knowledge of the Dutch language is a plus;

6. Competences (at a general level)

  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Customer oriented
  • Planning and organizing
  • Team player
  • Networking
  • Result-Orientedness
  • Stress management

7. Terms of employment

 The terms and conditions of employment shall apply as set forth in the employment regulations and salary as set forth in the function book.