Financial Assistant

1.  Function Information

Job title:                               Financial Assistant
Level of education:          Higher vocational education (HBO) or comparable education and experience
Hours per week:               20 – 24 hrs.
Salary scale:                      Scale 8 of the ‘Government Salary Scales’ (salary will be based on hours and relevant experience)

  • based on a 40 hr. workweek (fulltime):   Naf 3,751  up to Naf 6,070

  • based on a 24 hr. workweek (parttime): Naf 2,250  up to Naf 3,642         

  • based on a 20 hr. workweek (parttime): Naf 1,875  up to Naf 3,305       


2.  Organization

Assignments are executed within the Bureau. The main objective of the Bureau is to facilitate the registration of trademarks, both nationally and internationally. The Bureau is an Independent Governing Body, and must obtain, manage, and account for its own financial resources. The work of the Bureau is carried out at a high standard and in a highly legal environment. Information at the Bureau is privacy sensitive, and all staff members must adhere to the confidentiality thereof. Acting with integrity and ethics is standard practice. In addition to the tasks listed in the job description, additional tasks may be assigned.

3. Tasks

  • Supports the Policy Advisor on a daily basis;
  • Prepares financial projects- and implementation plans and the (draft) projected budget;
  • Monitors and reviews costs and (annual) expenses based on the approved budget;
  • Drafts and submits quarterly reports;
  • Contributes to proposals for drafting internal guidelines/procedures and advises on areas for improvement;
  • Contributes to budget projections and draft financial statements in consultation with the Director;
  • Prepares the draft (multi-annual) budget annually;
  • Processes and adjusts financial-administrative data, as well as prepares financial and management reports;
  • Sets priorities in handling financial requests;
  • Collects data for various budget articles and reviews that data with the budget and multi-annual projections;
  • Collects data for various budget articles and compares it to the budget and multi-annual projections;
  • Prepares sections of financial explanatory notes;
  • Researches new ways for financial policy implementation;
  • Advises on financial aspects of the Bureau;
  • Maintains contacts with some relevant stakeholders as mentioned in the reading guide of the function book;

4. Accountability

  • Accountable to the Director.

5. Knowledge and skills

  • Financial related education minimal on a bachelor degree level;
  • Knowledge and skills in handling tools in the field of financial administration;
  • Basic knowledge of financial management, financial administration and financial auditing;
  • Knowledge and skills in preparing (financial) reports;
  • Skills in processing financial-administrative data;
  • Skills in setting priorities;
  • Good command of English and Dutch (oral and written communication skills)

6. Competences (at a general level)

  • Attention to detail
  • Decisiveness
  • Flexible behavior
  • Initiative
  • Customer Orientation
  • Planning and organizing
  • Problem analysis
  • Result-Orientedness
  • Cooperation
  • Stress Management

7. Terms of employment

 The terms and conditions of employment shall apply as set forth in the employment regulations and salary as set forth in the function book.