SMILE Sint Maarten

The St. Maarten Innovation, Initiatives & Industries Link-up Event (SMILE) took place for the first time in 2018. The event is about innovation, sustainability, networking, informing and cooperation. It is a platform to get inspired and do business – in the most inspiring environs of the world, the Caribbean.

Since hurricane Irma in 2017, St. Maarten had to be rebuilt. SMILE 2018 was an opportunity to find new partners, get business updates and find out more about funding and the still ongoing World Bank Tenders. It was a way to think how St. Maarten could do better after Irma in an innovative and sustainable way.

Attendees have been companies, NGO’s, investors and policy advisors. Every individual who is interested in expanding their business in St Maarten is welcome. They get a look at the industry and economic chances of St Maarten and the Caribbean region at large.

SMILE wants to be instrumental in connecting people from the well over 32 countries in the Caribbean basin, and inspiring professionals with new concepts in innovation and sustainability. From the perspective of the "triple helix" theory, it tries to bring together businesses, NGO’s government entities and ideas, in order to mutually inspire.

No better place in the Caribbean for such an event to take place like on Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. This major destination in the Caribbean, partially an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and part French boasts over 100 cultures. It forms a logistical hub to the surrounding islands of Saba and St Eustatius (Netherlands), St. Barths (French), Anguilla (United Kingdom) and St Kitts and Nevis. Via its airport Princess Juliana Airport it connects almost daily to the region, Paris, Amsterdam and major hubs in the United States of America.

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