BIP SXM partners with PWR Agency for PWR Mixer & Masterclass

The Bureau for Intellectual Property (BIP SXM) partnered with the PWR Agency for the PWR Mixer & Masterclass, held on December 8th & 9th, 2019 at the Commodore Suites in Simpson Bay.

This two-day event kicked off with the PWR Mixer, an event tailored to entrepreneurs, location independent professionals and small business owners with the intention to connect and engage with other business minded individuals.

Ms. Ife Badejo, keynote of the event and managing director of the PWR agency gave an inspirational speech on ‘Islandpreneurs and the Digital economy’, leaving those attending with much to think about. One topic being, how to diversify their products and services, by means incorporating more digital strategies to withstand the natural disasters that our territories are faced with.

The second day was followed by the Masterclasses held by Orco Bank and BIP SXM. Manager of Orco Bank SXM, Ronald Halman, presented on the topic 2020 Money Goals and Financial Planning, which entailed methods for building an effective financial future. The Director, Mrs. Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford and Deputy Director Mrs. Aarti Jusia-Ramdihal of BIP SXM discussed several topics such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and the i-Envelope. In addition, the task and responsibilities and other services rendered by BIP SXM were highlighted. The emphasis of BIP SXM’s masterclass was how to increase business value with IP. Both masterclasses were well received by those in attendance.

The Director of BIP SXM, would like to thank the PWR Agency for hosting a successful event and for continuously seeking ways to increase knowledge and improved business practices of our ‘islandpreneurs’.

BIP Masterclass 2019
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