Throwback Thursday!

BIP SXM was pleased to be a part of the second National Youth Pitch competition, held in November last year, on Sint Maarten.

The National Youth Pitch Competition (NYPC) organized by the Ministry of Finance and Islandpreneur aims to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills among Sint Maarten's youth. The NYPC provides students with the platform to showcase their innovative business concepts to a panel of judges and peers.

In the weeks leading up to the final competition, students engaged in extensive preparation, including sessions with key stakeholders who provided valuable business insights.

Mrs. Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford, Director of BIP SXM, was excited to address the students, emphasizing the significance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection and the effective use of IP in business.

BIP SXM extends its gratitude to the Ministry of Finance and Islandpreneur for their commendable efforts in organizing and hosting this impactful competition, aimed at nurturing and enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of secondary school students in Sint Maarten.

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