BIP SXM @Anti-Counterfeiting & IP conference

As the year winds down. BIP SXM wishes to continue highlighting the various workshops in which it has participated and hosted this year.

To kick things off, BIP SXM was pleased to participate in the second Anti-Counterfeiting & Intellectual Property conference in Sint Maarten.

The Director, Rosen-Sandiford, focused on the role of an Intellectual Property Office in the fight against counterfeiting and laid emphasis on the necessity to collectively continue to raise during her presentation.

While it is not required to register your trademark to conduct one's business, it is important to note that the first step in protecting your brand from counterfeiters is to register your intellectual property rights. Registering your IP allows you to legally claim and enforce your rights when detecting fake products.

BIP SXM would like to thank the Ministry of Justice for continuing this great initiative, which has brought together relevant stakeholders from Sint Maarten, the Caribbean region and beyond, to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit and the importance of enforcement.

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