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When you are filling in the application form to register a trademark for Sint Maarten, you are requested to provide a list of goods and/or services.
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Trademark and trade name

A trademark is a sign which distinguishes a company's products or services from those of other companies. Registering your trademark in the Sint Maarten register at BIP SXM provides you with protection. In other words, it gives you the exclusive right to use this trademark in Sint Maarten.

A trade name is the name under which a company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. You can take action against the use of your company name by third parties based on of trade name law.

Some companies offer their products and services under their own company name. In that case, the trademark and trade name are identical. However, a trade name does not, for example, offer protection for your logo. It is, therefore, often a good idea to register your trade name as a trademark as well.

In addition, many companies devise various names, logos and such for their various goods or services which are, therefore, not the same as their trade name. In such cases it is always sensible to register these as trademarks as well.

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