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When you are filling in the application form to register a trademark for Sint Maarten, you are requested to provide a list of goods and/or services.
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Trademark law is a specialist field

Optimal protection of your trademark(s) involves all kinds of practical and legal issues.  A number of activities guarantee the protection of your trademark.

You will have to establish:

  • which signs are suitable trademarks,
  • which previous rights there are,
  • how the associated risks should be assessed,
  • for which goods and services the trademark is to be used and,
  • how they must be described,

to ensure the broadest possible protection and at the same time prevent potential conflicts.

These are all issues which are crucial for the successful protection of your trademark(s).

The situation is even more complex if you also want to protect your trademark(s) outside Sint Maarten. Various systems are available and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is not easy to choose the form of protection that best suits your specific circumstances. Additional complications can arise if, for example, you want to transfer (sell) your trademark to another party, grant another party a license or give your trademark in pledge to the bank. In such instances it is vital that all the proper legal arrangements are made (by consulting a competent trademark expert).

Moreover, if you ever become involved in a conflict due to a party infringing your rights or because another party believes that you are infringing their rights, you may even have to take legal steps. You may be confronted with legal (court) proceedings. For which, you may be obliged to engage the services of a lawyer or solicitor.

The protection of trademarks and other intellectual property rights is, in short, a specialist field. A lot of companies do not have access to the necessary expertise, and it is a good idea for them to seek assistance from an expert. 

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